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Chawla footwear is most authentic and traditional brand Of Pakistan, slowly making its way in international market. Chawla footwear has emerged as major carrier of innovation, quality and economy. Company aims to reach masses with affordable product. Chawla footwear present products with unique blend of durability, elegance and simplicity to meet day to day footwear requirements. Being synonym for quality, chawla footwear this has reached masses and became a household name since last three decades.

Mr Anwar Chawla started Chawla Footwear with sole production of Hawaii chapels. Since 80s Hawaii chapel(Flip Flops) by Chawla is everyone’s necessity. Group developed their heritage in Rubber, PU, EVA, PCU and Leather footwears. Now it has emerged as one of mass producer of footwear not only to cater their individual consumers in Pakistan but worldwide as well.